Like in most urban centres, those living and visiting the west of Leipzig have every opportunity to purchase their essentials and not-so-essentials. However, what is particular in the district is the abundance of  manufacturers of fine, unique curiosities. Handmade products, small labels and special designs abound in the area. In the side streets next to the well-stocked shopping streets – Karl-Heine-Straße, the Zschochersche- and the Georg-Schwarz-Straße, charming craftsmen and -women are establishing their trade. Here the selection is eclectic and purely wistful – from the Russian magazine about embroidery, small obscure bookstores, individual interior textiles to adventurous antique shops. In addition, the Wednesday and Friday well-frequented weekly market on the “Lindex”, the Lindenau market, has on offer – as well as oddities for a euro – food from local producers in the region.