Diversity is not just a word here. Cultural diversification hangs in the air. In the last few years more and more theatres have made their home here – the off-scene theatre can be found even in their own house – but also new burgeoning free-groups are awakening to spice up the arena. In addition, Lindenau is home to the independent network of art-spaces, “Lindenow”, which fills 25 different galleries or free-spaces with art and life and once a year invites one-and-all to a neighborhood-wide gallery tour. The balance of non-commercial, partly conspiratorial places and grant-free cultural sites makes the district articulated, colourful and exciting. Music can be found from the local pub to the concert hall, literary readings are a part of daily life and all-night discussions of art, film, philosophy and aesthetics stimulate and challenge the best of intellects. For a short time, the Leipzig West has become the Mecca for burlesque and for decades has stood in the middle-point of the regional operetta world.