The Leipziger West is surrounded by inviting green and natural spaces. In the middle of the district, however, there are also attractive parks that beckon one to linger. In addition, the Karl-Heine-Kanal, once a filthy industrial lifeline of the factory district, is today a local recreation spot with boat rentals, bike paths and watersports. For people inclined to practice sport there are numerous opportunities to get involved: various football clubs call the district home, one can concertedly box or play badminton and tennis, and cycling is possible in the areas adjacent to the local floodplain. The Plagwitzer neighborhood park is now the insider’s tip of the pétanque community and an abundance of playgrounds allows youngsters and their parents to enjoy the fresh air as soon as the sun entices them outside. Numerous garden allotments run throughout the neighborhood and with them the opportunity to work together with a fulfilling purpose and enjoyment. By the way, here you can find an overview of the diverse leisure activities.